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You can run transaction LISTCUBE the same way you are used to. Variant functionality will become available when you are on the selection screen.

Note: Selections on Advanced DataStore Objects (ADSO) work like transaction SE16 and are therefore not covered by this tool.

Alternatively, run program /MBTOOLS/LISTCUBE which will allow you to preselect a variant before entering the selection screen.

Saving Variants

After selecting the InfoProvider in LISTCUBE, maintain the selection criteria and fields for output on the selection screen as usual. Then use the “Save” button in the toolbar to save your variant – just like you are used to in other ABAP programs.

Retrieving Variants

Your saved variants are available when running LISTCUBE again (for the same InfoProvider). You can retrieve the variant using the “Get variant” button in the toolbar.

Note: In case the definition of the InfoProvider changes (InfoObjects added or removed), the tool will adjust the variants automatically.

Transporting Variants

The LISTCUBE variants are stored in tables /MBTOOLS/BWVARS*. You can transport them by adding these tables with TABU entries to your transport request.

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