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At Marc Bernard Tools, we take security very seriously. Our tools are built following best practices for secure programming.

This chapter describes only topics related to the security of the tool itself. Please also follow the recommendations provides in the SAP Security Guides at http://help.sap.com/nw75 or http://help.sap.com/bw4hana.

Activation of the Tool

MBT Transport Request can be activated system-wide or for specific users only. If required, it is therefore also possible to deactivate the tool completely (without uninstalling it).

For details, see Marc Bernard Tools.

Authorization Checks

The tool uses the same authorization checks as the standard transactions displaying transport requests. Therefore, users will require the same authorizations as they would, when using the features in the standard transactions.

In rare cases, additional authorization checks might be performed by the APIs used by the tool to determine the descriptions of objects. Typically such “display authorizations” are already included in user roles. However, if not the corresponding authorization needs to be added to the role.

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