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Enhancement Spot

MBT Transport Request is using an enhancement spot to derive icons and descriptions from a list of objects. The tool provides several enhancement spot implementations out of the box. The enhancement spot can also be used to further extend the tool and support more standard or even customer or partner object types.

Implementations Included with Tool

Each enhancement spot implementation covers a group of object types:

Enhancement Spot ImplementationDescription
/MBTOOLS/BC_CTS_REQ_DISP_BDSObject types for Business Document Service
/MBTOOLS/BC_CTS_REQ_DISP_CTS Object types for Change & Transport System
/MBTOOLS/BC_CTS_REQ_DISP_GWObject types for Gateway
/MBTOOLS/BC_CTS_REQ_DISP_NOTE Object types for SAP Notes
/MBTOOLS/BC_CTS_REQ_DISP_WB Object types for ABAP Workbench
/MBTOOLS/BC_CTS_REQ_DISP_WDY Object types for Web Dynpro

Customer or Partner Implementation

To extend the solution, implement enhancement spot /MBTOOLS/BC_CTS_REQ_DISPLAY in transactions SE19 or SE80.

Object TypeObjectDescription
Enhancement Spot/MBTOOLS/BC_CTS_REQ_DISPLAY Enhancement spot provided by the tool
Business Add-in/MBTOOLS/BC_CTS_REQ_DISPLAY BAdI provided by the tool
Interface/MBTOOLS/IF_CTS_REQ_DISPLAY The interface provided by the tool
Mandatory implementation: Method to return the description for objects in a transport. Importing parameters correspond to the content of the transport i.e. tables E071 (objects), E071K (table keys) and E071K_STR (table keys in string format). Descriptions and icons for all imported entries shall be returned via changing parameter CT_E071_TXT.
Optional implementation: Method to return an icon for object types supported by the implementation.
Class DataNT_OBJECT_LISTOptional implementation: Range to contain all object types supported by the implementation.

To familiarize yourself with the implementation requirements, have a look at the implementation /MBTOOLS/BC_CTS_REQ_DISP_NOTE and the corresponding class /MBTOOLS/CL_CTS_REQ_DISP_NOTE.

For details, see the SAP documentation on How to Implement a BAdI.

Performance Considerations

The system will call all implementations of the enhancement spot no matter which object types are supported by an individual implementation. In other words, the importing parameters IT_E071* for method get_object_descriptions contain all entries relevant to the current output of the transport tools.

Therefore, it is essential that each implementation performs in an optional way and only processes entries that are handled by the implementation. This can be easily accomplished by filtering the IT_E071* entries when looping over them using a where-condition on the object type. See the class/MBTOOLS/CL_CTS_REQ_DISP_NOTE for example.

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