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Transport Requests

MBT Transport Request enhances the hierarchical display of transport requests. If MBT Transport Request is active, transactions which show the content of transports – like SE01, SE09, or STMS – will present the content of transports in a different, more informative way.

Standard Display

The standard display of transport requests shows only object- or table-keys for the content of such requests. This has several disadvantages. For example, keys are typically technical values with little or no relationship to the underlying business object. Often the meaning and purpose it encoded using cryptic naming conventions. This is exasperated by objects which use unique IDs (GUIDs) as keys. In short, key values are hard to understand.

Secondly, objects can be deleted after they have been included in a transport request. This will result in a deletion in downstream systems. However, there’s no indication of these cases when simply looking at a transport request.

Enhancement using Icons

MBT Transport Request has assigned an icon to each object type it supports. Users are very familiar with these icons since they are used in SAP applications like the Data Warehousing Workbench of SAP BW.

For SAP BW, some object types like InfoObjects and Query Elements are grouped together in a transport request. The enhancement of MBT Transport Request will, however, show different icons for the different sub-types. For example, characteristics and key figures are represented using their corresponding icons. Similarly, variables, restricted, and calculated key figures in query elements are shown with different icons.

If an object is deleted already, the icon is replaced with a “delete” icon (trash bin).

Enhancement using Descriptions

In addition to icon and technical key, MBT Transport Request shows the description of each object. The tool will use available APIs to read the corresponding descriptions or perform a selection of the corresponding text tables.

Enhancement of Object Keys

For objects that are registered in transports using GUIDs, the tool will replace the GUID with technical names that are used in the configuration transactions. For example, instead of showing the GUID for a query element, MBT Transport Request will display the technical name of query variables and reusable key figures and structures. Also, GUIDs for Data Transfer Processes (DTPs) are replaced with technical names for source and target objects of the DTP.

Enhancement of Table Keys

When transporting the content of tables or views, MBT Transport Request will show key values in a comma-separated list. This is especially helpful if table keys are comprised of several concatenated fields.

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