When you see some of our tools, like MBT Transport Request, you might say “That’s only possible by modifying the SAP standard software”. We know those system modifications are evil. 👹 Rest assured that Marc Bernard Tools does not use any modifications to the standard SAP code. Let us explain the Magic of Marc Bernard Tools. 👼

The magic of our tools is based on carefully curated enhancement spots. Enhancement spots have been around for many SAP releases and years. They are no secret and are welcome places where customers and partners can add their own coding to extend their SAP system. However, most focus on the so-called “explicit enhancement spots” or the slightly older sister, the business add-ins, or BAdIs. This is all well documented. You certainly have used – or at least heard of – the widely used “variable exit” for SAP BW, for example.

What is not so well known is the technique of “implicit enhancement spots”. And that’s the magic behind much of Marc Bernard Tools. With this type of enhancement spot, you can, for example, change the behavior of a function module. This is done by adding your own code to the very beginning or end of the function. When implementing such an enhancement spot, you must be careful not to disrupt any standard functionality of course, and deal with potential changes in the surrounding SAP code. But first, one needs to find the perfect spot to place the enhancement…

This is where decades of experience at Marc Bernard Tools come into play. We research, we dig deep – very deep -, we code, we test, and we come up with things that seem impossible without modification. But yet, we make it happen. Just like a show by David Copperfield has its price, such magic from Marc Bernard Tools isn’t free. Check out the demos of tools like MBT Transport Request, MBT Command Field, and MBT System Monitor to get a taste of magic.