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Currency Conversion ($)


This command will perform a currency conversion.


curr <value> <source_currency> in <target_currency>
curr <type_of_rate>:<value> <source_currency> in <target_currency>
$ <value> <source_currency> in <target_currency> 
$ <type_of_rate>:<value> <source_currency> in <target_currency>  

As a default, currency rate type “M” is used. However, you can specify a different <type_of_rate> if desired and configured in your system.


  • Convert 100 Euro to US Dollars:
    $ 100 eur in usd
  • Convert 100 US Dollars to Canadian Dollars using rate type “D”:
    $ D:100 usd in cad

Technical Details

The command uses standard function module CONVERT_TO_FOREIGN_CURRENCY to perform the conversion and therefore depends on the proper configuration of currencies and conversion factors.

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