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Show Object (#)


This command will show a given object. If there are several objects with the same name (but different type) or matching a given pattern, a list of matching objects will be displayed. You can then select an object out of the list to display it.


show <object>
show <object_type>:<object>
# <object>
# <object_type>:<object> 

<object> as well as <object_type> can be names of an individual object/object type or a selection in the following format:

List:    <value_1>, <value_2>, ...
Range:   <value_low>..<value_high>
Pattern: <pattern> using * and/or ? wildcards 

For more information, see Object Selector and Object Type Selector.

Supported Object Types

The show command supports all DDIC, ABAP workbench, and BW object types. Since it is using the standard “jump” feature of the transport tool (i.e. like a double-click on an object in SE01/SE09) and ABAP workbench, many other object types are supported as well.


  • Show table T100 (typically there’s only one object with this name):
    show t100
  • Display all objects starting with T005:
    # t005*
  • Display all programs starting with RSP*:
    show prog:rsp*
  • Show tables T005 and T100:
    # tabl:T005,T100
  • Display a list of InfoObjects and InfoCubes:
    # iobj,cube:0tct*

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