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Marc Bernard Tools provides the following foundational features:

  • A stand-alone installation program

    Installation, update, and uninstall of Marc Bernard Tools are available via the MBT Installer program.
  • A graphical user interface for Marc Bernard Tools

    After the initial install, the graphical user interface of Marc Bernard Tools becomes available. Marc Bernard Tools can then be used to install new tools and update or uninstall any of the tools that already exist in your system. We recommend using the graphical UI for these tasks since it’s more convenient.

    The graphical UI also provides the following features:
    • Launch Pad
      Overview of active tools with a one-click launcher and access to additional information about and documentation of the tool. Links to FAQ, general documentation, and option to create support tickets.
    • Administration
      View of all installed tools, including version, changelog, last update time, and options for activating, deactivating, and uninstalling tools. The admin page also shows if updates are available. Updates can be installed with a single click.
    • License Keys
      Maintenance of license keys to enable automated updates.
  • A registry for Marc Bernard Tools

    All metadata about and settings related to Marc Bernard Tools are kept and updated in a central registry.

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